"5 Things To Know BEFORE
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To explain our marketing philosophy, let’s start with a true story. Margaret was your average, unathletic, uninspired workaholic. Even though she never exercised, she accompanied a friend to a meeting about an upcoming marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. While she was there, cancer survivors shared heartfelt success stories and average, unathletic, uninspired workaholics like herself talked about their complete transformation as a result of the marathon training. She was engaged in the mission and wanted to help. So she signed up. The first step to a successful marketing event is engaging your audience enough to get them to attend!

To the shock of her friends and family, Margaret completed her first marathon a year later. The event was well organized and she enjoyed every moment of the race. Even in her delirium at the end she proclaimed “this is the greatest feeling I’ve ever had!” The second key to successfully marketing your event is to deliver on your promise and throw a spectacular event. Had Margaret not enjoyed the race, she wouldn’t be competing in her 4th marathon this year!

After that first race, Margaret received several emails and letters inviting her to participate in events for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and other charities. She declined all of the other charities and focused her money, time, and effort on the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Why? Because they nurtured the relationship over the years keeping her in the loop for speaking engagements and future events. The bond was made. The loyalty was created. That is the third key to successfully marketing your event. You engage, deliver, and then nurture the relationship to make sure it grows.

What is the difference between “marketing your event” and throwing a “marketing event”? “Marketing your event” is used to get people to attend your event. It includes activities like creating flyers, advertising, building a website, getting press, etc.

A “marketing event” is a creative event designed specifically to promote a particular product or service. For example, an artist from Lucky Fish Studio sells custom art pieces designed to look like vintage business ads. He has a loyal customer base but wanted to reach a larger audience. Hopeful Solutions suggested that he partner with a local winery to create limited edition wine labels from one of his pieces. Together he and the winery would host a Wine Launch to promote both the wine and his art. Individuals who came to the event would be exposed to his artwork in a fun and innovative way. This is a fantastic way to attract potential buyers that would normally not attend a gallery or art show.

If you are launching a new product or looking for a creative way to spread the word about your services, Hopeful Solutions can create a marketing event that generates the buzz you need. We work closely with our marketing team or yours to create a branded experience your participants will love. We’ll help you sell out your event and keep people coming back for more!
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